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While the Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Brewer has fewer features than some other single-serve coffee makers offered by its competitors, it comes with plenty of benefits. There are a few minor things that Mr. Coffee could improve upon next time it redesigns this machine, but all in all, it offers quick, solid performance and probably most important, it brews great-tasting coffee. When it comes to flavor, the Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Brewer beats old-style drip coffee makers hands down, as there is never any burnt taste. The 40-ounce reservoir holds enough water to get me through the morning without leaving me deprived of caffeine, and it is very easy to remove and refill. These are just a few of the most important highlights. Here are some additional things you should know if you’re thinking about getting one of these handy little machines.



Great Looks and Reliable Performance


Remember the old-fashioned Mr. Coffee coffeemakers? If you do, this one will make you wonder whether it was made by the same company! It has a sleek, modern look similar to some other single-cup coffee makers on the market. Of course, looks don’t mean a thing unless the coffee maker performs well, and this one does! It is missing some of the advanced features more expensive models offer, but if good hot beverages and affordability are somewhere toward the top of your list of desirable features, the Mr. Coffee delivers.


Easy to Use

When you unpack the Mr. Coffee K-Cup Single Cup Brewing System, you’ll find a quick-start guide inside, along with a complete user manual that takes just a few minutes to run through. You’ll also find a package of five K-Cups to get you started. I made the mistake of brewing a K-cup without first running the coffeemaker with plain water for a few cycles, and that cup of coffee tasted a bit like plastic. I quickly realized my mistake, ran some water through, and made a new mug of coffee that had exactly the flavor I was hoping for.


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After familiarizing yourself with the coffeemaker’s features and filling the reservoir, all you have to do to brew coffee is pop a K-cup into the upper chamber, close the lid, and press a button. Coffee streams into your cup in about a minute. I have noticed that the unit takes a little longer to brew the first cup than it does to make subsequent cups, and this is because the machine takes a little time to heat up. Some reviews I’ve read complain that the Mr. Coffee “takes forever” to work. I haven’t timed it in comparison to other, similar coffeemakers, but I feel like it takes a comparable amount of time to deliver.

The removable reservoir lets you add water without spilling any, and it has an ergonomically designed handle built in that makes it easy to keep your grip while getting from one place to the other. This is something that I really like as I am not normally 100 percent awake when making my morning coffee! At the same time, you do have the option of filling this reservoir with water from a pitcher, in which case you can just leave it attached to the coffeemaker.

One last note is that this coffeemaker has a fairly short cord, which I like, but which means that you have to position it within about two feet of an outlet or use an extension cord. There is a little storage space in back where you can tuck any excess cord to keep your countertop looking neat.


Accommodates Tall Cups

One of the most frequent complaints about early-model single serve coffee makers is that you’ve got to tip tall cups to make them fit under the spout. Mr. Coffee dealt with the issue by building a robust yet completely removable drip tray that makes for easy cleanup when brewing drinks destined to go into short cups and comes away from the unit when you’re brewing a beverage you plan to enjoy in a taller mug.


No Filters

If you have hard water, you will want to use bottled water or filtered water to make beverages using this machine. I use a filtering system at home so this is not a problem for me. I’ve seen some reviewers complain of scale building up in the machine, and that can cause reduced performance. If this is something that worries you, keep in mind that you can run vinegar through the coffeemaker to dissolve mineral buildup. If saving money is important to you, you’ll probably appreciate that there’s no need to stock up on carbon filters.


Lots of Variety to Choose From

mecoffee-BVMC-KG6-4One of the nicest things about the Mr. Coffee Single-Serve Coffee maker is that it works with all K-Cups, so you get to choose from about 250 different types of coffee, tea, and other beverages. Buy yourself one or two reusable K-cups, and you give yourself the ability to enjoy even more variety. I use the refillables for ground coffee and loose tea, and I sometimes just run the machine for some quick hot water to make instant soup for lunch. It’s kind of like having a whole café full of products to enjoy.



Overall Good Quality for Price

While there are some things this machine does not do (for instance, it doesn’t have an “iced beverage” feature), it does everything it’s supposed to do in the amount of time promised in the accompanying literature. I’ve read some reviews where people got coffeemakers that were obviously duds, but the one I purchased is performing well, is making cup after cup of great-tasting coffee, and cost me about half the price of a similar machine from another manufacturer.



question  “I’ve read some horrible reviews about the Mr. Coffee K-Cup Single Serve. Have you experienced problems?”

I’ve read some bad reviews too, but I have had Mr. Coffee products in the past and was happy with them so I decided to give this machine a try. It works great! This isn’t to say that there are not defective products out there. Even really expensive, top of the line coffeemakers get bad reviews from people who have met with misfortune and received a product that didn’t work as advertised. My advice when you buy anything is to check out the return policy. Most items are covered.

question  “Can I use any kind of K-cups or are there special Mr. Coffee ones?”

You can use any kind of K-cup available as long as it’s compatible with Keurig technology, and the number of flavors is pretty much endless. You can also get refillable K-cups that you can fill with your own ground coffee or even gourmet loose tea.

question  “Is the water temperature setting adjustable?”

No. There is one setting, which is nice and hot.

question  “How many different cup sizes are there, and are there strength settings?”

This coffeemaker has three different cup size settings: 6, 8, and 10 ounce. The six and eight ounce ones come out strongest, and if you like lighter flavor, go for the ten ounce setting. Note that if you use a really large mug such as a 16-ounce travel mug, you will probably need to use two K-cups to fill it unless you go for a really bold roast and run two cycles through the same K-cup.

question  “Are there any automatic features such as automatic brew?”

The Mr. Coffee K-Cup Single Serve is a brew-on-demand coffeemaker, meaning that you brew one beverage at a time on an as-needed basis. It will stay on indefinitely if you like, but if you’re interested in saving power, you can select the automatic shutoff feature. This causes the machine to shut off after two hours of non-use.

question  “What’s the cleaning procedure?”

Cleanup is simple, just take the K-cup out of the machine once your beverage is brewed, and dispose of it. Some companies are making recyclable ones, and others make refillables that need to be washed after each use. If you have hard water and are using tap water instead of filtered or bottled water, you should probably use vinegar to remove mineral buildup once in a while.



mecoffee-BVMC-KG6-5If lots of bells and whistles aren’t important to you but convenience and good coffee are priorities, you will probably enjoy the Mr. Coffee Single-Serve Coffeemaker. Not only does it have a nice, modern look that fits in with updated kitchen décor, it makes fantastic, reliable-tasting coffee and works with all sorts of delicious K-cup options as well as refillable K-cups.





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4 Responses to “Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG6 Single Cup Coffee Maker – Full Review

  1. By: Ellie Farr
    Date: August 26, 2015 at 2:35 pm
    Overall Rating

    This is a nice and simple coffee maker for the office, and not only is it saving me money (no more trips to the coffee shop) it’s saving me time. My workday is more productive plus the fresh drinks are nice to have on hand for clients. The Mr. Coffee’s low price was what won me over. It’s not so expensive that I’m worried about anyone ruining it! It’s working well so far and has more than paid for itself in the few months I’ve had it.

  2. By: David K.
    Date: September 22, 2015 at 6:02 pm
    Overall Rating

    I bought this to replace an old hand-me-down Keurig a friend gave me. I was planning on another Keurig, but I felt this one would do what I needed it to without the added cost, and I was right. Like other Mr. Coffee’s I’ve had, this machine is simple to operate. It does not have a lot of buttons or functions that cause confusion among technophobes like me. There’s a short wait for the water to heat up before you get your first cup of coffee, but nothing like the wait time associated with old carafe-style drip coffee makers. Subsequent cups take less time. One note, I’ve noticed that the mechanism that preps the K-cups for brewing feels a little flimsy in comparison with the Keurig, but it has been a few months and the thing is going strong. One last thing and this is really minor, it sometimes releases a couple of drops of coffee after the brewing cycle has been completed and I’ve removed my cup. More of an annoyance than a problem. Other than these two little things, I’m thrilled with this coffee maker.

  3. By: Marti P.
    Date: October 17, 2015 at 6:30 pm
    Overall Rating

    I have had six Keurigs since they first came out, so I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable about these coffee makers. I agree with everything you said in this review, but I have to mention that I think this is actually a little better than some of the newer Keurigs on the market, mainly because a lot of the components are sturdier than the plastic bits on some of those newer Keurig machines. This Mr. Coffee is intuitive and easy to use. It is not confusing at all (you’re getting this from someone who once stood in front of a friend’s new coffee maker and wondered how to turn it on!) and despite what some complainers have said, it delivers a great cup of coffee in short order. While this machine does lack some of the setting options that some of its competitors showcase, it is just right for me, a person who likes a good cup of coffee a few times a day. If I had to give any advice to the manufacturer for the next version of this machine, I’d say “Make the reservoir bigger!” That’s just me though…this coffee maker is a nice size, doesn’t take up too much room on the counter, and most important, does a great job with the coffee. There are other good ones out there as you’ve mentioned, but this is more than adequate!

  4. By: Brett
    Date: October 28, 2015 at 2:38 am

    I’ve read reviews of this machine at the company’s website, Amazon, numerous online retailers and consumer site but this has been the most helpful review I have read. The FAQ has answered questions I’ve not seen addressed anywhere else.

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