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There’s a lot to love about the Keurig K45, as well as a few minor things that could be improved upon. Most important, I enjoy the convenience it offers over standard drip machines. My first cup of coffee is ready for me about a minute after I shuffle into the kitchen in the morning, and every cup I have after that is fresh and enjoyable, never burned or bitter as can sometimes happen when a pot of drip-style coffee sits on the heating element for too long. This being said, here are some pros and cons that come with owning a K45 Elite.


Nice Machine for the Money

This Keurig looks a lot like other models on the market and I’m happy with its small footprint. Despite the fact it takes up only a little space on the countertop, it’s got quite a few nice features including the option to select from three brewing sizes (small 6 oz., medium 8 oz., or large 10 oz.) with one push of a button so you don’t end up with a disappointingly small amount of coffee in your favorite mug. I take a travel mug to work with me and love that I can just remove the drip tray and put the mug under the spout to fill without having to hold it in place throughout the brew cycle.


Faster Drinks if You Want Them

The K45 Elite has an optional power-saving auto-off feature. If you set it, the machine turns itself off after two hours. If you don’t set it, you can enjoy that 4 a.m. cup of coffee about thirty seconds after pushing the brew button.


Good-Size Reservoir, and It’s Removable!

I sometimes wish the water reservoir were a bit larger, but that’s just because we go through a lot of coffee. After all, I did have the option to go with a larger or smaller model if I wanted! To be fair, the K45 holds 48 ounces of water (6 cups), and that’s enough to get me through weekday mornings without refilling. As I like the overall space-saving design, I can understand why the company went with this size – any bigger, and it just wouldn’t look right.

Size aside, two things I really like about the reservoir are that it is positioned on the front of the machine so it’s easy to see when you’re running low on water, and it is removable. If you’ve ever tried fumbling with a pitcher in the wee hours and wound up with a spill on the countertop, I think this is a feature you’ll probably appreciate as much as I do. Just pop it out, fill it up in the sink, and snap it back into place.


Reliable Filter System

I’m including this in my review because I’ve had coffee makers in the past with filtering systems that didn’t work so well. If you already purify your water, even with a simple Brita pitcher, you can skip the filters but otherwise, you’ll find that the charcoal filter system that comes with the K45 contributes to fresh-tasting drinks. It would be nice if the system came with several filters, but just one is included and you’ll need to buy more if you intend to use them. If there are minerals in your water, you will find that you do have to descale the machine periodically.


Huge Variety of Drinks

I’m a plain-Jane kind of coffee drinker, but I do enjoy the occasional treat and I love having different drinks on hand for visitors. My kids really like hot cocoa, so it’s nice to have a variety of flavors for them to choose from when it’s time for a treat. Last time I checked, there were about 250 different kinds of K-cups that are compatible with the K45 Elite. As if that weren’t enough, this machine does work with refillable filter-type K-cups like the Brew and Save you can fill with your own ground coffee beans instead of the prepackaged ones. This is a nice way to make the Keurig more environmentally friendly.

We sometimes enjoy decaf with dessert, but in the past, it wasn’t often enough to really justify the expense of keeping a lot of flavors on hand. Now dessert has taken on extra decadence at our house – caramel, chocolate, and toffee decaf are just some of the flavors in the rack.

Lastly, and just in case you’re wondering, yes, you can switch from one type of drink to another without cleaning anything. I enjoy a cup of Sleepytime tea each night before bed and it tastes just as good as it would if I made the effort to boil a kettle of water instead of just popping a K-cup in the Keurig.



question  “I’ve read some negative reviews about the K45. What do you think?”

I’ve seen similar reviews and worried about some of them before choosing this machine, then it occurred to me that sometimes defective products make it off the factory floor but most work as promised out of the box. I have not had a problem with my machine, but I’ve heard that Keurig does a good job with customer service. My K45 Elite came with a 1-year warranty, which I believe is standard for this model.

question  “Can I use K-cups other than Keurig brand?”

Yes, you can use others as long as they are compatible. The K-cup packaging will say whether the cups enclosed are suitable for use with Keurig machines.

question  “My favorite mug holds about 16 ounces of coffee. Will this machine fill it?”

You will have to run two cycles to get a full cup of coffee. You could go with two 8oz. cycles or a 10 oz. and a 6 oz. cycle. You may have to take the removable drip tray off so your mug sits under the spout correctly.

question  “Is the K45 easy for someone with reduced motor skills to use?”

As long as the user has the ability to reach the machine, slide a K-cup into place, position a cup underneath the spout, and push buttons, he or she will find it is not at all difficult. My 89-year old grandmother suffers from severe arthritis and finds this is much easier to handle than a full drip-style pot of coffee.

question  “Is the water temperature setting adjustable?”

No, it has just one heat setting.

question  “About how big is the K45 Elite?”

This Keurig is smaller than the ones designed for office use. It’s about nine inches wide in front, twelve inches deep from front to back, and 18 inches tall with the lid open for K-cup insertion.

question  “I like to make instant soup for lunch. Can I just dispense water with this Keurig?”

Yes, you can. You don’t have to put a K-cup into place for the machine to work.

question  “Does the K45 have an automatic timer I can set for a certain time each day?”

No, this model does not have an automatic timer.


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keurig-k45-2If you like the idea of owning a Keurig, you will probably enjoy the K45. Not only is it convenient, it takes up very little space on the countertop and is very easy to use. It makes good, consistent coffee and other beverages, and thanks to the availability of refillable K-cups like the Brew and Save, you can make whatever you want whenever you please.







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3 Responses to “Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System – Full Review

  1. By: joey
    Date: January 20, 2015 at 4:58 pm
    Overall Rating

    Thanks for the recommendations. I bought this coffee maker and it’s really easy to use and most important the coffee is tasty :)

  2. By: Anne
    Date: August 26, 2015 at 1:55 pm
    Overall Rating

    Great info on this coffee maker, thanks for helping me make a decision about which Keurig to get. I really like the coffee it makes, both with K-cups and the refillable cup I use for some kinds that don’t come prepackaged. It never occurred to me to try making nighttime tea with a coffee maker but I got a separate refillable cup just for my Sleepytime and it is so convenient to have this option. So far, so good! No complaints about this Keurig. It looks nice and is easy to use.

  3. By: Fawn Richardson
    Date: August 26, 2015 at 2:51 pm
    Overall Rating

    This is my second Keurig, and I am enjoying it just as much as I liked the first one. The coffee tastes wonderful, the big reservoir is convenient, and I really appreciate the speedy heat up time. I go through my morning coffees pretty quickly and the second and third cup come straight out, no waiting.

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