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Although there are a couple of little things I might like better if they were different, I am very happy with the Cuisinart DCC-3000. It’s a sleek-looking machine that makes good, reliable coffee that stays warm. This coffeemaker has several nice features and can be pre-programmed, plus maintenance is simple and straightforward. Here are the details.



When They Say Coffee on Demand, They Mean It

Cuisinart-DCC-3000-2I have never had a coffeemaker with a reservoir before, so I found it a little unnerving not to see coffee coming down into a carafe the first time I used the DCC-3000. I dutifully stuck my mug under the spout when the brew was ready, and was very pleasantly surprised when a little LED light came on above my cup ensuring it didn’t overflow. The coffee was delightful, hot and delicious. The next cup was the same, and so was the one after that. I will say that I don’t know how these manufacturers arrive at the figure “twelve cups” because for me, it’s more like five or six. Who uses a 5-ounce coffee mug? Not me. Anyway, it seems like this model makes the same amount of coffee as other 12-cup coffeemakers.

I’ve seen some reviews discussing the coffee gauge that displays the amount of coffee remaining in the reservoir not working properly, but I haven’t had this problem with my machine. The gauge faithfully notifies me that I need to make more coffee if I plan to remain caffeinated throughout the day, and as the insulated coffee reservoir does not have a window, this is a feature I appreciate.



A Reliable Programmer and Other Nice Functions

Speaking of functions, the DCC-3000 has quite a few that make it more likeable than the average coffee maker. It has a digital clock display with hour and minute buttons that make setting the time easy, and its program function clearly distinguishes between AM and PM so your 5 a.m. coffee doesn’t start brewing when you’re in the middle of making dinner. A function knob allows you to easily switch from one timer task to another, so you don’t wind up frustrated, pushing the same button over and over as you do with some other coffee makers.

Not only does the DCC-3000 let you program the brew cycle, it also allows you to decide how long you want the internal heater to stay on. You can set the coffee maker’s automatic shut off feature to turn itself off after just a minute or up to four hours after the brew cycle. This is a really nice energy saver.

Like just about every other high-end coffee maker on the market, the DCC-3000 works with charcoal water filters that help ensure your brew tastes the way you want it to. You get one filter with the coffee maker. I wish Cuisinart would add value by including a free multi-pack of charcoal water filters, but they don’t. You have to buy them separately unless you use some type of water filtration system to clean your tap water before making coffee. Don’t let the need for filters stop you though, because a 12-pack costs less than ten bucks and lasts about a year. To be fair, I need to mention that the company does include a permanent gold filter with this coffee maker, so no more running out of paper filters at inconvenient times.


Looks Great and Is Easy to Clean

Cuisinart-DCC-3000-3The DCC-3000 is a good-looking coffee maker; in fact I think it looks nicer in person than it does in photos. This being said, it is tall! On one hand, the height (about 15 inches) adds to the overall visual appeal, but people with low cabinets may find that they need to slide the machine forward to take care of moving parts. The taller profile does provide one important benefit though, and that is that you can fill a travel mug easily. If your travel mug is taller than average, you can make it fit by removing the drip tray that sits under the dispenser.

The drip tray isn’t the only thing that comes off for easy access / cleaning. The water reservoir is detachable so you can fill it without worrying about spills, and the coffee reservoir is detachable so you can wash it as needed. The reservoir gets hot, so you’ve got to be careful not to burn yourself.

When I was making the purchase decision, I read a few reviews saying the DCC-3000 had a short cord. Either something changed in the manufacturing process or the reviewers were a little under-observant. The cord is about 18 inches long and has a little hiding spot you can tuck the excess into to keep it out of sight. I did not have a problem plugging it in!



question  “Is the plastic in the coffee reservoir BPA-free?”

Yes. According to Cuisinart, all of the plastic parts that come into contact with water or coffee are BPA free.

question  “Do you have to make a full pot each time or can you make coffee a cup at a time?”

You can make one cup at a time. Just add enough water and ground coffee to make a single cup. The DCC-3000 has a 1-4 cup feature that lets you brew smaller amounts without ruining the taste of the coffee.

question  “What happens if you make too much and want to drain the excess?”

Just put a cup under the spout and drain off the unused coffee. If you want to get rid of more coffee than will fit in a cup, pull out the storage compartment and dump it in the sink.

question  “This coffee maker has a lot of removable plastic parts. What if something breaks?”

Cuisinart makes several different replacement parts for the DCC-3000 including filter baskets, coffee reservoirs, grates, and other things. Also, this machine comes with a 3-year warranty so you may find that replacement parts are covered under certain circumstances.

question  “Does the water reservoir store water for more than one batch of coffee?”

No, the reservoir holds enough for one batch at a time. It pops right out so you can refill it easily.

question  “Is there a brew selection feature on this coffee machine?”

No, brew strength is determined by the kind of coffee you use and the amount you put into the basket.



Cuisinart-DCC-3000-4Overall this is a really solid machine that makes good coffee, and it’s one I would definitely recommend to a friend. The drawbacks are minor in comparison with the convenience it offers, and the whole thing is really user-friendly. I don’t think I will ever go back to a carafe-style coffee maker after enjoying all the Cuisinart DCC-3000 has to offer.





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4 Responses to “Cuisinart DCC 3000 Programmable Coffeemaker – Full Review

  1. By: Benjamin
    Date: August 26, 2015 at 2:06 pm
    Overall Rating

    I have had this coffee maker for almost a month and waited a while to do a reply, now I’m familiar with it and have to say I really like it! No complaints, it’s definitely a step up from the one I had before.

  2. By: Owen W.
    Date: September 1, 2015 at 1:35 pm

    This isn’t exactly a single cup coffee maker, but the design makes it seem like one. I like the way the lever works to dispense a cup of coffee so you can do it one handed if you need to. I tend to spend a lot of time on the phone and it is nice to be able to get a cup of coffee without having to deal with a carafe that might or might not drip. I am not a coffee expert but I do know a good cup of coffee when I taste one and I am completely satisfied with the taste of the brew that this Cuisinart dispenses. Like some people have mentioned, the gauge is kind of hit or miss…it gets down to about half and then it seems to lose some accuracy. No big deal, because it’s always easy to just make more coffee.

  3. By: Carrie K.
    Date: September 24, 2015 at 5:41 pm
    Overall Rating

    I bought this to replace an old Keurig at the office, and have to say we are all thrilled with it. We are still enjoying fresh coffee on demand but we’re not paying for K-cups. At the same time, we are not making a mess and having everyone handling a communal carafe. Love the option to setup in advance, as we now make programming the coffee maker part of the daily closing routine at work and are greeted by the scent of fresh coffee when we arrive! Everyone who uses this machine is saving money on trips to the coffee shop, so it’s safe to say that it has paid for itself a few times over by now. The coffee gauge is a nice addition, and although I’ve read stories about this part being a little finicky or breaking, it’s still working just fine for us.

  4. By: Linda M. Michael
    Date: October 24, 2016 at 6:45 pm

    How often does the clean light come on? My coffee maker is only in its third week and every 7 days (twice now) the clean lights starts to blink. Thanks for any input.

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