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Bosch’s Tassimo T55 Single Serve Brewer makes consistently great-tasting coffee, one cup at a time. Ideal for anyone who appreciates hot, fresh coffee, it uses T-discs embedded with specific brewing instructions to ensure drinks are made the right way. If you’ve used a Tassimo brewer in the past, you’ll be glad to know that the T55 has been newly upgraded for better performance. If you’re only now considering a Tassimo coffeemaker, you’ll probably like what this great-looking little machine has to offer. While there are a couple of really minor things Tassimo might consider reconfiguring in the next version of its T-line, this machine comes with a lot more pros than cons. Hassle-free performance, easy cleanup, and quick, quiet operation top the list of things I like about this coffee maker.


Easy to Use

Some single cup coffeemakers look simple but are surprisingly complicated to use. The Bosch T55 is not one of these – in fact, it is very easy to use, even though it has more customization options than some other, similar machines have. Just pop open the top, drop the T-disc into place, and hit the brew button. You’ll be enjoying a cup of fresh, hot coffee in short order.

One of the things I like most about the T55 in comparison with other single serve coffeemakers is that it has a little light that comes on when it’s time to add more water to the reservoir, as well as a light that comes on when it’s time to descale the coffee maker.

Great Customizability


Remember old-fashioned drip machines where the only way to customize was to change the amount of coffee you put into the filter and hope for the best? Those days are long gone, and the T55 offers clear proof that things have definitely gotten better for people who love good coffee.

It all starts with the tray at the bottom of the coffeemaker. This technological wonder can be raised, lowered, and even removed to accommodate cups of different sizes, eliminating messy splashing and helping to keep cleanup to a minimum.

In the past, Tassimo’s coffeemakers made just one size cup of coffee. The T55 gives you the option of choosing to brew larger or smaller cups of coffee to accommodate your taste.

I’d love it if Tassimo T-discs came in more flavors. There are quite a few options for coffee, tea, cappuccinos, and lattes as it is, and this kind of customizability is great. Even so, I’d like the ability to make more drinks. The issue is easy to get around by just brewing some hot water, and the company does come out with new flavors now and then.


Attractive Design


The Tassimo T55 has a sleek, clean-looking profile. It doesn’t come with loads of flashing lights or lots of confusing buttons; instead, it has a simple look that gives it the ability to add a touch of class to any kitchen countertop. Because the removable water reservoir is located behind the machine instead of in front or on the side, you won’t have to spend time wiping fingerprints and smudges off the tank. Keep it dusted and wipe up the occasional drip, and that’s it.


Roomy Water Tank and Effective Filter

The Tassimo T55’s water tank holds 47 ounces, allowing you to make almost six cups of coffee before having to add more water. I’d like to see a larger water reservoir here, perhaps one that actually holds a multiple of 8 ounces, and I’d also like it if I didn’t have to pull the coffeemaker away from the wall to remove the reservoir. On the other hand, fresh water is essential to great-tasting coffee so it’s understandable that the tank isn’t larger.

On the other hand, this water tank is a lot easier to remove than the reservoirs on some other single serve coffee makers; you just slide it out, fill it up, and pop it back in.


Easy to Clean

Like some other Tassimo coffeemakers, the T55 comes with a special T-disc that’s used for brewing hot water alone, cleaning, and descaling the coffee maker. Like other T-discs, it features a bar code that tells the machine what to do. The special T-disc fits in a slot under the water reservoir, so it’s there when you need it.



question  “How hot is the coffee that comes out of the T55?”

I haven’t taken my coffee’s temperature myself, but I’ve seen video reviews of this machine that show the coffee at about 170 degrees. I can tell you as someone who adds lots of cream and sugar to my cup that my coffee is still piping hot, even after I’ve added the goodies to it.

question   “How many kinds of T-Discs are there?”

There are quite a few different kinds of Tassimo T-Discs to choose from. As of right now, there are several different coffee brands including some upscale ones and some less-expensive ones such as Maxwell House and Yuban, plus there are different kinds of tea, a few different options for lattes, cappuccinos, espresso, crema, and mochas, and there are hot chocolates as well, including a really delicious one by Suchard.

question   “Is the temperature setting adjustable?”

Not on the user’s end. The T-discs have barcodes that tell the T55 what temperature setting to use for best results.

question   “How many cup sizes are there to choose from?”

Many popular single serve coffeemakers have a few specific cup size settings to choose from, but the T55 is a little different in that you can choose from two basic sizes, and then add more if you need to at the end of the brewing cycle.

question   “Does the T55 have different strength settings?”

No, and again, this has to do with Tassimo’s technology. The bar code on each T-cup tells the machine how strong to make the drink. At the same time, there are some ways to get around that, namely by choosing a smaller cup size if you want really strong coffee or by adding a little more hot water if the coffee tastes stronger than you’d like it to. I do think that Tassimo does a pretty good job of getting coffee to come out tasting right – I haven’t had a bad cup yet.

question   “Can the T55 be set up to brew automatically?”

No, but it takes a little less than a minute to deliver that first cup of coffee, which is great.

question   “Are T-discs sold in stores?”

Some brick and mortar stores carry T-discs, but they may not offer the full lineup. I usually order my T-discs online, and you can sign up for auto delivery on Tassimo’s website if you’re afraid that you might forget and run out of coffee.

question   “Can I make ice tea or iced coffee with this machine?”

While there is no specific setting for iced tea or iced coffee, you can use the T55 to make it; in fact, there are a few kinds of iced tea discs that brew super-strong tea that’s meant to have ice added to it. For iced coffee, you can choose the smaller, stronger cup option or even brew espresso and then add ice, milk, and other goodies. You can do the same thing with the cappuccinos, mochas, and lattes.



bosch-tassimo4The Tassimo T55 coffeemaker is a good, solid machine that gives you lots of beverage options including the option to make hot water for cooking quick meals, making loose leaf tea, and blending drinks that aren’t available as T-discs. In addition, it comes at a reasonable price. Perhaps most important, the T55 brews really great coffee, and it does so quickly and reliably.




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